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  • proposal for the issuance of a payment order,
  • proposal in the reminder procedure,
  • representation in all of kind causes,
  • filling an appeal and representation in the appeal proceedings,
  • filling an Appellate Review and proceedings at a Court of Appellate Review,
  • constitutional complaint and proceedings at the Constitutional Court,
  • action for damages,
  • inheritance disputes,
  • ownership rights causes,
  • consumer contracts disputes and representation the consumers.

Claims recovering

  • extrajudicial recovering,
  • appeal for payment,
  • debt recovering in a court proceeding,
  • debt recovering in a reminder proceeding,
  • security of receivable,
  • assignment of the receivable,
  • preparation of the recovery process,
  • implementation of the recovery process,
  • representing creditors in court,
  • representing debtors in court.


  • establishment of the trading company,
  • changes in a business register,
  • transfer of business share,
  • sale of a company,
  • the trade licences,
  • application the claims in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings,
  • extrajudicial and court recovering,
  • conveyance, appealing, appellate review in court proceeding,
  • unfair competition,
  • creation of business conditions,
  • trademark registration,
  • requirement of defective performance.

Housing law

  • act of assignment (sale, donation),
  • creation of easements (ad vitam enjoyment),
  • recovering debts of payments to the correction fund,
  • recovering debts of payments per services,
  • invalidity of owner´s assembly,
  • preparation law analysis, attitudes, and expressions.

Advocacy in criminal proceedings

  • complaint,
  • representation of suspect/witness by the police interrogation,
  • advocacy in preliminary procedure,
  • defence in proceedings,
  • execution of a claim contra impounding decision,
  • execution of a claim contra non-attestation decision,
  • appeal counter to criminal judgment,
  • answer counter to criminal bidding,
  • application for compound an execution of punishment.

Familial proposition

  • divorce,
  • tenancy by the entirety,
  • extend/reduce the scope of tenancy by the entirety,
  • adjustment bearing on the children till to divorce,
  • adjustment bearing on the children following the divorce,
  • delegation the child to the of one of parent’s attendance,
  • alternating care,
  • infant´s, consort´s, divorced consort´s maintenance.


  • purchase contract,
  • deed of donation,
  • contract to create a lien,
  • easements contract,
  • contract for a future contract,
  • loan/credit agreement,
  • lease of the flat agreement,
  • agreement for short time lease of the flat,
  • agreement for tenancy by the entirety,
  • sale of company contract,
  • contract for work,
  • act of assignment.

Labour law

  • elaboration of employment contracts,
  • elaboration of agreements on work outside employment,
  • marking up and adaptation collective employment contract,
  • assert a claim from invalid termination of employment,
  • assert a claim from breaching duties according labour code,
  • legal counselling for employers,
  • legal counselling for employees,
  • termination of employment (notice of termination, termination with immediate effect).