EXPERTICE is acquired through many years of praxis in advocacy. Our extensive experience and legal information are result of a number of disputes and solutions various legal issues. Thanks this, we are able to offer complex solution of client´s legal problems and situations. We are focused on prestation legal services in all areas, where client asks us to do so. Who we are you can see HERE


We communicate with each client as a unique personality with a unique legal problem. We don´t offer universal legal solutions or templates procedures. Our clients will get from us a tailor-made solution. An overview of what clients address oneself to us you can see HERE If you didn´t find your legal problem or legal question there, don’t hesitate to contact us HERE


Client has to receive quality and on time information directly from us. We keep clients posted throughout the period of solving their affairs. The content of the decision or the result of the proceedings is handed up in human language. Further steps in legal matters are communicated so that the client has information about the possibilities of success or risks in his case. We adapt the tools of communication to the client and his preferences. You can find all our contacts HERE